St. Vincent Portrait / by Mike Koelsch

Inspired by the Bill Murray movie "St. Vincent". . .  I wanted to pay tribute to the Dutch painters like Johannes Cornelisz and Venetian Painters of the Golden Age such as Lotto (Brother Gregorio Belo of Vicennza, c. 1547).  Not sure I would call this a dark comedy, but Bill Murray plays a sarcastic, grumpy old man. . . someone I could relate to.  But underneath it all, a boy he ends up (kinda) be-friending sees thru all the smoking and drinking and gambling and at the end of the movie verbally paints a picture of Vincent's Sainthood.  Every time I watch it I'm brought tears.  Maybe someday I'll be seen that way too.  As the Vincent character has many layers so does my painting. . .  down to the cracks.