Tom Mix Portrait by Mike Koelsch

Keeping in line with my John Wayne Portrait . . .  I wanted to begin a Western Movie Hero set of portraits, Tom Mix being the next one in line.  He became famous around 1916 and worked throughout the 20's and 30's making way for other Western Greats like Buck Jones and even Gene Autry.  A little bit of trivia. . . Tom Mix was a Wyatt Earp's funeral.  You can find this portrait and more in the Koelsch Studios Division of the website.  Look for more Western Heroes in the months to come. 

St. Vincent Portrait by Mike Koelsch

Inspired by the Bill Murray movie "St. Vincent". . .  I wanted to pay tribute to the Dutch painters like Johannes Cornelisz and Venetian Painters of the Golden Age such as Lotto (Brother Gregorio Belo of Vicennza, c. 1547).  Not sure I would call this a dark comedy, but Bill Murray plays a sarcastic, grumpy old man. . . someone I could relate to.  But underneath it all, a boy he ends up (kinda) be-friending sees thru all the smoking and drinking and gambling and at the end of the movie verbally paints a picture of Vincent's Sainthood.  Every time I watch it I'm brought tears.  Maybe someday I'll be seen that way too.  As the Vincent character has many layers so does my painting. . .  down to the cracks.

Best Indie Movie Poster of 2016 by Mike Koelsch

Well, it's been a while since I've been on my site or writing about anything.  The year is quickly coming to an end and I'm happy to say I was awarded the "BEST MOVIE POSTER of the YEAR" by CUT PRINT and the poster also made it on the BEST LIST on

Thanks to Anna Biller for thinking of me and working with me to make a beautiful poster.  It's great to give homage to the old movie posters of the past.  While I don't really hold a candle to some of those great illustrators. . .  it's nice to see that some people still appreciate "painted illustrative posters" and not all that Photoshop craziness.

Thanks again to Anna and everyone else that had a hand in making this poster!

“Representing the cinematic beauty & vintage-style on display in the film itself, this is hands-down the best poster of the year.”

Capitan America: Guerra Civil by Mike Koelsch

Well, we just busted out another cover for BACKSTORY iPad Magazine.  It's a parody on the Captain America: Civil War theme.  The movie came out at Midnight on Thursday and what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than paint an authentic-looking Lucha Libre poster with all of the characters [in traditional masks, of course].

Based on of old movie posters and bills from early Lucha Libre wrestling matches, we composed this clash of the titans to give honor to those classic pieces of art while humorously dressing out the characters in the movie.

To see a better picture of it. . .  get the BACKSTORY App and read the whole story.  enjoy.

Walt Disney Portrait by Mike Koelsch

Inspired by the countless memories at Disneyland growing up and with my family and the amazing, ground-breaking animated movies that Disney helped create and now most recently the PBS Special American Experience:Walt Disney. . .  I decided to do a portrait of Walt.  I chose to paint him at the time where he was just getting the idea of using a mouse to promote is dream.